10 Best Small Businesses for Students

By | December 31, 2015

Do you want to go for a holiday with your own money? Or that sweaters you saw in online shop two days ago was so cute? Or that new game portable is so expensive, but you would do anything to buy it anyway? It’s not impossible to buy all the things you want with your own money now. Go start your own business; you don’t need an office to do it, nor a big money to start. Here are 10 small businesses for students!

  1. Open an online shop.

You can do it with your phone, anywhere and everywhere. What kind of things that you can sell? Seriously, there are a lot of things you can sell. If you are creative, why don’t try to sell your handmade stuffs? If you can draw well, there are a lot of people who wants a cute drawing of them. Hey, you can design a t-shirt too right? Online shop would never go wrong.

  1. Content writer, any kind of writer.

You can start your business with writing too, if you like to write. There are a lot of sites that needs a content writer for their sites. So, why don’t you try it?

  1. Be one of those social-media admin.

With our technology improvement, it’s so easy to be an admin. There is this LINE app called LINE@. You can start to make an official account in there, the more adders you get, the higher chance of success that you can get. Most of the official account with a lot of adders offered to promote another official account. It will be okay, you will get pay.

10 Best Small Businesses for Students

  1. Scrapbook maker.

Are you creative? Do you like to make something or create some cute stuff? Well, why don’t you be a scrapbook maker? People this day like to give scrapbook as a birthday gift, nor an anniversary gift.

This one is easy, especially if you like to write but you are too lazy to write for another people. So write for yourself. Go make a blog, make it interesting, make it unique, and write in there. You can write anything, about your trip or even the food you ate for your breakfast! Blog hosting is cool too, okay?

  1. Be a tutor.

Maybe you are not one of those people who are expert in creative stuffs. Maybe you are one of those people who get a perfect score on mathematics, or scoring 600 for your TOEFL. It’s alright; you can open a tutor for children too. You can do tutor for certain subject that you are really good at.

  1. Party Planner.

Your sister is having their birthday? And you couldn’t stop thinking how you should arrange the party and how the invitations will look like? Then go for it. Plan your sister’s party, take a picture of it, and post it on social media. Who knows that you will plan a party for your favorite celebrities?

Referring to the first point, open an online shop; but you don’t know what to sell? Take a look to bunch of online shops out there, and sell what they sell. Ask the owner if you can be their reseller.

  1. Personal trainer.

You have this friend that can’t stop complaining about how fat or skinny they are? Ask them to be their personal trainer. Don’t forget to learn first, so you wouldn’t do any mistake.

  1. Web designer.

You are so good at designing web, so let’s make money from it. You can search some sites that need a web designer. Don’t give up!

So that’s it, 10 businesses for students that you can do. Good luck for it! Remember, work hard, play hard.

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