5 Simple Tips To Not Losing Your Loyal Customers

By | March 28, 2015

This is more difficult to maintain something that has been achieved rather than make it happen. This is also true in the business world, you will be much more difficult to retain loyal customers to keep buying your product or use your service.


Because there is NOT a little of your competitors who trying to provide a more attractive offer in terms of products and promotions in every purchase. Therefore, you need to have a strategy which is more qualified so that consumers will keep buying your products. Here are some tips you can do:


1. Give Satisfactory Service

If your business is in the field of services, of course, good service to consumers should be prioritized. Because in the business world which is the consumer is king should always be your priority. Consumers also want to always get the best service like a king. Therefore, you as the owner of the product must always improve the quality of service in order to be better than your competitors.

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2. Find Out The Desire of Customer

To keep get the attention of consumers, you have to figure out the current desires of your customers. You can make a question and answer program with consumers by creating a questionnaire about their needs. Never be afraid if the program will get criticism from your customers. Because the customers who are angry at your service, will usually provide good input to improve any shortcomings. Thus, you can launch the latest service system or a better product for the customer.

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3. Never Reduce Quality of Service

Typically, the more advanced a well-run business, the service will be ignored. In some cases, there are times when consumers feel that quality of service they get is not as good as usually. Be consistent or your customers will go away.

When you use the service with a membership system, when the customer can not pay to extend the membership status, do not immediately shut down their membership status. We may give notice that the mandatory dues this month has not been paid by the customer, then give them an ‘extra time’ to finish the payment.


4. Give Discount Program For Special Customer

Innovative and unexpected programs from you for consumers can attract them. For example, giving special discounts to consumers with conditions applied. You can also provide points which can be redeemed for coupons when customers fill out a survey or provide testimony after purchasing your product.

Giving discounts will increase the spirit of the consumer to keep buying products from you. Programs like that not only retain loyal consumers but also attract new customers.

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5. Establish Intense Communication With Customer

You can make a program such as chat or gathering, which regularly bring you the the consumer. Be a friend for your the consumer and provide a sense of comfort and confidence to them.

From that communication you can create a strong bond with the consumer. Thus they will feel appreciated and involved in your business success. It will certainly make the consumer keep subscribing, even they will not hesitate to invest their wealth to your business.

So, running a business is not just about the profits you earn. Leisure and consumer confidence is also an important point which you should not ignore. Because, the real key in business success is the trust of your the consumer.


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