5 Things To Do in Social Media Strategy

By | January 10, 2015

In this article, we will discuss how to manage social media to increase brand equity.

One of the most important things when we’re talking about social media marketing strategies is: no one agree with brands who do continuous promotions without building relationships with their customers.

As a publisher in social media, you must build a long lasting engagement with your audience. So the topics presented should be interesting and useful, not only contains the selling of products. When they feel that you can’t provide interesting content, they will go away.

So how?

1. Build 2-Way Communication

It is important to make 2-way communication between the publisher and audience. Create an interesting campaign to talked about, answer when they ask, response when they mention us, touch their heart with a personal approach.

 2. Collaborate With Them

Create a community-based fans of your brand, invite them to give comments and ideas about development of your products, you have to know what they expect.. If we could create improved product from that collaboration, of course the product would be more acceptable and preferred.

 3. Educate Them

Sharing first, not selling. Share a variety of information that is important to them. If you were selling food products, you can share about how to cook and serve it. If you were wedding ring seller, you can share about how to prepare a wedding, how to build a lasting marriage with your spouse, how to be a good wife or husband, etc.

4. Entertain Them

Throw funny stories, games with prize, fun social media campaigns and so on. Make them enjoy the show, make them happy, make them entertained and laughing. Just play with them.

 5. Measure Your Engagement

You can measure how big influence you generate in social media. How good the respond to your campaign, what topics that are most preferred and when the best time to deliver it. With this measurement, we will be more effective in managing the next campaign.

Do 5 things above, adjust to brand image and character of your audience. Grab audience’s attention from another publisher with not only through interesting content but also with good communication.

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