Be Different or Be The First One

By | January 24, 2015

In his book “Trout On Strategy”, Jack Trout explained that one of the strategy cores is being different or being the first.

Michael Dell decided to sell his PC in a different way, he became the first one who sells and assembles orders directly to the consumers. He didn’t sell PC to the distributors. Nowadays, many followers in its industry trying to apply that Dell’s strategy, but it’s too late. “When there are you and customers, you actually get to have a relationship with the customer.” said Michael Dell.

michael dell

Harvard is the first university in US that become one of the best university in the world, especially in business field. Harvard Business School established in 1908 and graduated its first master degree in management in 1910. HBS is the first business school requires university degree to apply its management program. HBS also launched The Harvard Business Review that has been participating in shaping management thinking in the world for more than 80 years.

harvard business school

Be the first in the business category. Band Aid is the first bandage. Charles Schwab is the first stock broker company with discounts. Compaq is the first portable PC. Domino’s, the first pizza delivery. ESPN, the first sport cable TV network. Gore-Tex, the first water resistant fabric. Intel, the first microprocessor. Jell-O, the first dessert jelly. Reynold Wrap, the first aluminium foil. Tide, the first detergent. Time, the first weekly news magazine. Xerox, the first copy machine. And many more.

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