Business Intelligence Software Comparison

By | January 1, 2016

Business intelligence software helps companies to have a helicopter view and perspective on their business operations. Business intelligence encompasses the process of transforming any internal and external unstructured data into specific datasets and presenting that data into graphs and tables that giving valuable insight to the companies. Currently we can find more than hundred BI around the globe. The question is that what kind of BI applications suites our need?

We already know a popular BI application such as SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos Series, TIBCO, JasperSoft, Microsoft BI, MicroStrategy, Oracle BI, Oracle Hyperion, Pentaho BI, Yellowfin, Qlik, SAP NetWeaver BW, SAS, Tableau Software, WebFOCUS etc. Now, which application fit our business? here what to check:

Business Intelligence Software Comparison

Step 1: Define the key criterias, both the user and IT business requirement.

Step 2: Sent RFI (request of information) to each vendor

Step 3: Validate and analyze their information based on your need

Step 4: Make a short list for a proof-of-concept (POC) and perform the benchmark using POC

Step 5: Sent RFP (Request for Proposal) based on short listed POC and choose based on the best price.

You can determine which BI software will be right for your company’s needs based on below criterias:

  1. Deployment Model

Whether the business intelligence software is web hosted (Software as a Service) or licensed to you and hosted on your own servers.

B.Company Size

This is the general size of your company that will be using the business intelligence software, how many employees the business intelligence software can be used and how many transaction will be processed

  1. Analytics Features

Features included with the business intelligence software that are used for analyzing data such as Ad Hoc Analysis, Issue Indicators/Trend Indicators, OLAP fuctions, Profit Analysis,

User Friendly Interface

  1. Reporting Features

It should have some features such as Automatic Scheduled Reporting, Customizable Features, Customizable Dashboards

If you still confuse, do not hesitate to check the more expert comparison through G2 Crowd or Gartner or Googling!

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