Case Study: How Small Companies Won The Competition With Large Corporations

By | January 8, 2015

Sometimes we give up before competing, but many small companies could compete with the big companies. This time, we’re going to learn from one of the small companies which are located in the suburbs of Dublin, Ireland, in the city named Glasthule.

That little company called Cavistons, the food shop owned by Cavistons’s family. They sells groceries, fish, meat, etc. This is an example of a small company that able to compete with large corporations.

Peter Cavistons start up his business as a fishmonger and grow his business bigger and bigger. Now he and his family have food emporium that provide cheeses, fish, fast food, baked food, etc. What is his success secret?

The secret is that the staff at the store are well-known as a friendly and responsive people. They do personal approach to the customer. For example, when selling fish, they include chat and advice on how to cook and serve the product. Hospitality is most important ‘product’ in attracting and retaining customers.

cavistons food emporium success story

Customers rely on Cavistons in getting fresh and top-quality products. The owner and staff know what the customer wants. Cavistons do it without putting high cost ads. They only participate as a sponsor of rugby team and James Joice annual festival. sometimes they do cooking demonstrations as well. Cavistons relies on their good reputation to spread positive news by word of mouth.

Customers feel that Cavistons is a fun place to shop. That’s the power of customer experience. The power of service. Because every business is actually a service business, although we sell a product. Cavistons did it. How about you?

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