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Business Intelligence Software Comparison

Business intelligence software helps companies to have a helicopter view and perspective on their business operations. Business intelligence encompasses the process of transforming any internal and external unstructured data into specific datasets and presenting that data into graphs and tables that giving valuable insight to the companies. Currently we can find more than hundred BI around… Read More »

Get Benefits of Using Social Media for Business Through These 10 Tips

Almost everyone who knows the internet certainly has social media accounts such as twitter, facebook, G +, and others, or at least they must have an account in one of those social media. At first, social media is made for social activities, but over time, there are benefits of using social media for business. If… Read More »

How To Optimize Twitter As Your Customer Service Tools

Social media provides customers with a lot of direct access to brands than ever before, and Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platforms applied in company’s customer service. The conversations happen in a real time and public venue. So, everybody will see the comments of your customers and your company’s responses –… Read More »

Creative Thinking in Business With SCAMPER Method

I’d like to share about how to practice creative thinking in business with SCAMPER method. Generally, SCAMPER is used in research and development of products or services, but it can be adapted into broader situation. It aims to develop business ideas that already exist or create the business ideas that are really new. This method… Read More »

5 Small Business Accounting Tools

Instead of being busy with crunching number, handwritten invoice, spreadsheet, and other financial tasks, these accounting solution will make them easier. Here are 5 popular small business accounting tools that optimize your time in managing business finances. They’re web and cloud-based so you can access them anytime and anywhere. 1. FreshBooks It’s a cloud-based accounting… Read More »

Business Planning Tools: Competitor Research

All businesses have competitors, locally or on the web. It easier to market your business and win the customers if you know well your competitor information. What they offer and what you don’t, how they market the business, what channel they use, their approach to customer service, etc. Looking closer to your competitors will give… Read More »

The SWOT Analysis For Small Business

Competing in fast-moving environment change requires an ability in analyzing the implications of the changes and modifying the way to respond them. A good understanding of the internal and external conditions of your business environment will help you to decide an appropriate business strategy. SWOT is a competitive analysis technique you can perform for each… Read More »

3 Generic Competitive Business Strategies

There are many kinds of business strategies and Michael Porter had summarized into 3 general types that giving a good beginning for business strategic thinking: cost leadership, differentiation, and focus. Cost Leadership Cost leadership is about becoming the low cost producer in its industry. The sources of cost advantage are varied and depend on the… Read More »

Empathy Map: Start From Your Customers

Most start up companies invest big amount of money to develop the product, service, and business innovation, but sometimes they forget to put customers perspective on it. Successful business model needs a deep understanding of the customers, not only what they want, but also their social environment, their concern, aspiration, habit, and much more. The… Read More »

Creating a Successful Business Plan

What is a business plan? In brief, a business plan overally explains your business goal, strategies you’ll use to reach them, potential problem you’ll face and how to overcome, organizational structure, and the amount of capital required to finance your company for at least keep running until it breaks even. Some people think that they… Read More »