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Choose Your Pricing Strategy

Choosing pricing strategy is more than a financial decision. The entrepreneur must be able to understand how the price can influence the customer’s decision in buying or selecting a subtitute product. There are a number of pricing strategies the business owner can consider when entering a market: 1. Market Penetration Initially offering a low price… Read More »

5 Small Business Accounting Tools

Instead of being busy with crunching number, handwritten invoice, spreadsheet, and other financial tasks, these accounting solution will make them easier. Here are 5 popular small business accounting tools that optimize your time in managing business finances. They’re web and cloud-based so you can access them anytime and anywhere. 1. FreshBooks It’s a cloud-based accounting… Read More »

3 Generic Competitive Business Strategies

There are many kinds of business strategies and Michael Porter had summarized into 3 general types that giving a good beginning for business strategic thinking: cost leadership, differentiation, and focus. Cost Leadership Cost leadership is about becoming the low cost producer in its industry. The sources of cost advantage are varied and depend on the… Read More »

Small Business Funding: Where Is The Money Come From?

There are 3 sources available for funding your business. We’ll not discuss about banks or lending institutions, but the people you can approach personally to have interest in your enterprise. 1. Personal Source, Family, and Friends Mostly, new business start-ups rely primarily on the personal contributions of the entrepreneur and any support they can receive… Read More »