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Business Planning Tools: Competitor Research

All businesses have competitors, locally or on the web. It easier to market your business and win the customers if you know well your competitor information. What they offer and what you don’t, how they market the business, what channel they use, their approach to customer service, etc. Looking closer to your competitors will give… Read More »

The SWOT Analysis For Small Business

Competing in fast-moving environment change requires an ability in analyzing the implications of the changes and modifying the way to respond them. A good understanding of the internal and external conditions of your business environment will help you to decide an appropriate business strategy. SWOT is a competitive analysis technique you can perform for each… Read More »

Business Life Cycle

Business have life stages as well as individuals. The entrepreneurs selling to an industrial market must be aware of where their customers are in their development. The Introductory Stage Business normally in their first year of operation have needs for products and services that will accelerate their development. Start-up equipment and heavy promotional service are… Read More »

Empathy Map: Start From Your Customers

Most start up companies invest big amount of money to develop the product, service, and business innovation, but sometimes they forget to put customers perspective on it. Successful business model needs a deep understanding of the customers, not only what they want, but also their social environment, their concern, aspiration, habit, and much more. The… Read More »