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Small and Good Business

“I want to spoil my family on Christmas, but I don’t have any money. I want to start a business but it’s so hard and it also needs a lot of money.” – Most of teenagers. Wow, chill. Now a day, it is not so hard to start a new business. Considering most of people… Read More »

What Is An Entrepreneur?

Hi, entrepreneurs! Who are we? What is an entrepreneur? Let’s begin from basic definition. Entrepreneur is of French origin – entreprende – meaning ‘to undertake’. A standard definition is one who assumes the risk of generating profits or getting losses in the business transactions. But successful entrepreneur assume only calculated risks of generating profits or… Read More »

Small Business Funding: Where Is The Money Come From?

There are 3 sources available for funding your business. We’ll not discuss about banks or lending institutions, but the people you can approach personally to have interest in your enterprise. 1. Personal Source, Family, and Friends Mostly, new business start-ups rely primarily on the personal contributions of the entrepreneur and any support they can receive… Read More »