Compete In Simplicity

By | January 23, 2015

Simplicity is one of the strategy’s cores. It challenges to look for a word, a simple word, then put it into consumer’s mind, to won the competition. Emery Air Freight that established in 1946 is the first air cargo company in the world. But they were stuck in their blurred focus. They didn’t focus on certain cargo service and offered any service, such as one-night cargo, two-days service, small-package service, and big-package service. Everything you send, Emery will serve that. Until in early 1970s, Federal Express, a new comer in that industry, made a surprising statement that they will only focus on overnight delivery. FedEx had locked a simple word: ‘overnight’.


Volvo has one word: ‘safety’ in consumer’s mind. As a result, in decades, Volvo became a luxury car in Europe with highest sales in US. When the brand has a simple word and easy to remember as well, it’s difficult for competitors to take that word. Could you produce a safer car than Volvo? May be you could make it, like Saab, Audy, and Mercedes Benz, but in consumer’s mind, the only one which has ‘safety’ is Volvo.


BMW use a word: ‘driving’ with a longer statement: ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’. With this simple word, BMW became European luxury car with the second highest sales in United States.


In wider terms, not only in business, the leaders in all fields will try to make themselves easy to understood. Einstein spent a long time to make his Theory of Relativity understood by common people. John Maynand Keynes tried hard to make his economic theories easy to understood as well. Drucker, in his book, wrote that the giant strategic ideas comes from simple words.

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