How Market Leaders Lead Their Market

By | January 23, 2015

The basic of effective leadership is a clear vision and mission, define it, and finally make it happen. The leaders state goals, determine the priority, and monitor the standard. While the vision is a big picture of the future, what condition do company try to make, and mission is how to make the vision comes true.

Leadership is core of the strategy. No one want to follow you if you don’t know where you will go. Akio Morita leads Sony to find out new potential markets with their words: ‘Spirit of Pioneer’. Sony is a pioneer and doesn’t try to be a follower. With their competencies, Sony want to serve the world. Sony insist to become inventor of the things that haven’t been known. Sony has principle to support everyone ability and bring out the best from them. It’s the vital strength of Sony. They had created handycam, the first home video recorder, and floppy disk. The most popular success is Morita’s idea about walkman.

sony akio morita

Thomas Watson Sr. changed the company’s name from Computing Tabulating Recording Company into International Business Machine (IBM). Although they hadn’t operate internationally, and many people laughted at him and thought that he was exaggerating his company, Watson had a strong vision that IBM will be an international company in the future. And now, it really happens.


“A computer on every desk and in every home” is one of the biggest vision we ever heard. After Bill Gates created MS-DOS, he made an operating system, Windows, that made him becoming the richest entrepreneur in the world. He has a great vision and great leadership to make it comes true.


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