How To Get Business Idea In 10 Minutes

By | January 7, 2015

It’s so mysterious to start a business. Especially in the process of looking for ideas. So often we hear, “I don’t know what to do” or “From where I should start?”. Let me answer: start with what you know.

Start the idea process by taking out a sheet of paper. Write down whatever comes to mind. Do not criticize, just let it flow. In this phase, we need to play a role as an Explorer. Ask a lot of questions and collect as much information. To make it easier, I’ll give you a couple of question. In 5 minutes ahead, answer these questions as honestly as you can:

  1. What things you like to do or are good at?
  2. What things you don’t like to do or are not good at?
  3. Are there any products or services that could make your personal life better?
  4. What products or service that could make your business life better?
  5. What products or service that really you want to buy?
  6. What community problems you want to solve?
  7. What things you want improve in your community?

When you are done, look at that paper. You will realize how many ideas that you can get. Indeed, it’s just the beginning. Collecting ideas is one thing, but evaluating them is another one. After we played a role as an Explorer, now it’s time to play as a Judge. Determine some criteria to analyze and ultimately choose the best idea.

You can start with considering how simple or complex the implementation will be. Or how soon the idea could be put into operation. Then you can continue with asking: “Is there real need for it? Or does the need have to be created through promotional effort? Is the market ready for it? Can they afford it? And will they buy it?”.

Choose one of the best ideas to be implemented. It could be an unique idea, but the most important is it can be done. Not only WOW, but also WORKS. So, ready for the next step?

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One thought on “How To Get Business Idea In 10 Minutes

  1. Muhammad Rozali Azis

    Maybe I’ll add one question is: Is your hobby can generate revenue?


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