How To Optimize Twitter As Your Customer Service Tools

By | March 3, 2015

Social media provides customers with a lot of direct access to brands than ever before, and Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platforms applied in company’s customer service. The conversations happen in a real time and public venue. So, everybody will see the comments of your customers and your company’s responses – whether good or bad.

While using Twitter for customer service, make sure you apply these 5 rules:

1. Create a Procedure

Before you respond customer service stuff on Twitter, you have to create a policy process or procedure in handling issues on social media. an outlined policy is very necessary if you sell products that need a paid support plan.

That customer care policy has to determine who must be responsible in responding requests sent to Twitter, it also organize how the various kinds of customer service queries must be handled. The policy must facilitate everybody in your company stay on the same vision when providing help through social media.

2. All Day Conversation Monitor

How are you able to answer questions form the customer if you do not recognize that they exist? You or somebody on your social media team should monitor Twitter all day for comments or questions sent to your company’s account. Those could be many general mentions directed to your company. To simply notice whole conversations, use social media monitoring tools, like HootSuite or TweetDeck.

3. Fast Response

The biggest mistake for brand providing the customer service via Twitter is to not answer or respond to the customers. The second mistake is to respond slowly. Most customer will respect a response that you send in lest than an hour. On average, most brands will make a response in less than four hours. As a corporation, the more quickly you’ll be able to notice a customer’s comment and you respond it, the happier you make them.

4. Share Public Follow-Up

Whether switch the customer service issue to a telephone or e-mail, as well as using DM to make more detail conversation, continually tweet a follow-up message informing that the problem was resolved. Sending public responses shows the customers that you are not solely respond them on Twitter, but also resolved it. It can grow up customer’s respect and loyalty.

5. Use DM For More Detail

Sometimes you will have unsatisfied customers who may share negative comments to your brand. Or in another place, you could have a widespread service outage that will cause your Twitter’s feed cluttered with questions or complaints. By utilizing Twitter’s Direct Message (DM), you are able to contact the customers privately in further conversation.


Though you do not use Twitter for customer support, your customers may still having conversations regarding your company in social media – without you. Therefore, it’s better to have a good engagement with them and be viewed as friendly and responsive brand account.

Good luck!

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