KISS AIDA To Advertise Your Business

By | January 21, 2015

Besides keep producing great value to customers, you should make an attractive promotion to grab customer’s attention, especially when you launch a new product. No attention means no transaction.

Making a simple but strong advertising copy is not as complicated as you think, just remember these 2 acronyms: KISS and AIDA.


It stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. Your ads must be short, clear, uncluttered, and easy to understand. The audiences can’t be expected to take time reading detail information in it. You know your product is great, then you should create its message. But the message must be concise and contains the call for action.


It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action that should be in all advertising message. Attention is making the audiences aware of your point. It comes through effective use of headlines in text media or opening statement for verbal media. Interest should build from the supporting headlines or opening statement. Desire should grow when audiences receive the body of message, and Action statements are needed to get receiver’s respon.

Since, the target customer is exposed to so many ads in any given day, the action statement is very important as most of them will retain the message for a very short period of time and if they don’t act at that time, the message will be lost.

These following list will help you to apply KISS and AIDA for optimizing various media:

  1. Newsprint copy should be clear, use white space to draw attention.
  2. The dominant or largest ads on a newspaper page will receive highest notation.
  3. Television ads should contain action.
  4. Radio copy must be written to sound as personal as possible. A professional spokesperson will sound as if he or she is speaking directly to the consumer.
  5. In digital media, there will be a different approach, since you can target your message to certain segment, location, and time, you can deliver anything more personal with adjusting audience’s behaviour.
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