Make A Successful Part-Time Business

By | January 13, 2015

Balancing a full-time job with a part-time business is not easy, but it can be done. In his book “You Can Start Your Own Business”, Arnold Sanow recommend these following tips to make your part-time business a success:

1. Involve Your Family in The Business

Whether it’s responding calls, stuffing documents or putting  orders, giving your family the chance to assist out is a great way to get a lot of accomplished in less time, and also making your spouse, children, and other members feel a part of your business.

2.  Give Up Your Personal Time

You will have less time for doing your hobbies. Make sure the sacrifice is worth it, or both your job and your part-time business will go wrong.

3. Focus on Everything in Front of You

When you’re working, focus on your work, don’t let your business’s stuff distract you. Avoid multitasking and be discipline whatever it takes.

4. Make The Most Of Every Minutes

Use your lunch time to make a calls, or in your commuting time on the train, try to catch up on your paperwork. Seize your spare time to increase productivity. Do excellent time management for business.

5. Be Honest

Only you can access your situation, but in many case it’s best to be upfront with your boss about your business. As long as it doesn’t disturb your job, they won’t mind, and you may gain by being honest instead of making them feel you have something to hide.

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One thought on “Make A Successful Part-Time Business

  1. ani lestari

    Thank you for the advice
    besides involving the family, to be honest, the focus in business if there is hail that big impact in business? for example confident in the ability of the business 🙂


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