How To Optimize Twitter As Your Customer Service Tools

Social media provides customers with a lot of direct access to brands than ever before, and Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platforms applied in company’s customer service. The conversations happen in a real time and public venue. So, everybody will see the comments of your customers and your company’s responses –… Read More »

Passing Down Your Family Business Successfully

The majority of small business are family owned. In many case, business have been handed down from one family generation to the next. It can be wonderful and rewarding experience or it can be regretful decision. There have been many book written, and course developed, that explore the experience of passing down a business to… Read More »

3 Steps in Starting an Internet Business

The internet has definitely changed the way we live. It is not only used to access information, or practical communication tools, but also developed to earn money through internet business. Starting an internet business is not too difficult. Explained in easy terms, a successful online business is comprised of a many factors, that when combined… Read More »

Choose Your Pricing Strategy

Choosing pricing strategy is more than a financial decision. The entrepreneur must be able to understand how the price can influence the customer’s decision in buying or selecting a subtitute product. There are a number of pricing strategies the business owner can consider when entering a market: 1. Market Penetration Initially offering a low price… Read More »

What Is An Entrepreneur?

Hi, entrepreneurs! Who are we? What is an entrepreneur? Let’s begin from basic definition. Entrepreneur is of French origin – entreprende – meaning ‘to undertake’. A standard definition is one who assumes the risk of generating profits or getting losses in the business transactions. But successful entrepreneur assume only calculated risks of generating profits or… Read More »