Recruiting Good and Loyal Employees

By | January 22, 2015

In recruiting employees, small business actually get financial disadvantage. Rarely is the money available to compete with larger enterprise in term of pay and benefit program. Entrepreneur should optimize personal advantages of belonging to won the competition.

Forming a winning team in small business is rewarding and continuous job. The goal is to create trust, loyalty, and involvement for all. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be careful and set a clear criteria in recruiting employees.

The most important qualifications for working in small enterprise is enthusiasm, ambition, and cooperativeness. If these characters are evident, can the skill be taught? If the answer is yes, hire with the emphasis on personal characteristics as opposed to skill level. You can teach them, however, you will not change the personal characteristics.

To successfully recruit, the entrepreneur must sell the applicant on the values of working in the business. This can be done through an honest expression of why you want this person and challenges that will be offered. People want to grow with the organization they work for. If the business goes well, those who are there should prosper. As an employee of small business, they will not be encumbered with strict bureaucracy.

Share your values and management philosophies with the applicant. Allow them to see the human advantage of a small business ass opposed to financial advantage of large corporation. Always remember that you are building a team. A team must have teamwork. A bad attitude can ruin the moral of the team. So, keep the proper environment for them.

The team works to win, not just to get paid. They realized that if the business is successfull, they gain financial incentives and job security. When they belief that they are an integral part of business, they will give 100 percent effort.

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