Small and Good Business

By | January 4, 2016

“I want to spoil my family on Christmas, but I don’t have any money. I want to start a business but it’s so hard and it also needs a lot of money.” – Most of teenagers.

Wow, chill. Now a day, it is not so hard to start a new business. Considering most of people want a low-cost and super easy business to start, you got this. You are lucky you ended up reading this. Don’t stop!

Doing what you love. You can write? You can draw? Try to be a freelance writer or freelance drawer. Or, do you like gardening? Well, look at your neighbor’s garden, such a mess is not it? Why don’t you offer yourself to manage their garden? But, remember. At the first time, maybe you start your business because of your hobby and passion. Actually, as the time goes by, you are no longer doing your business because your hobby or passion. Because you need to live your life and survive, beware of that.

Are you good with kids? You can be a part-time child-care as well. Start your business with something that you are good at. For example: your aunty is having her wedding in three months, and you couldn’t stop thinking about it. Ask your aunty, can you be her wedding consultant? There’s always a way to any opportunity, you only need to open your eyes more to find it.

Make a kiosk and sell something. It could be your do-it-yourself crafts and stuff; you could also sell your homemade cookies, even your old clothes. Or if you are too lazy to open a kiosk, try to sell something with social media. It works well too. Don’t forget to promote it on your personal social media and ask your friends and families to buy your products. Good luck with it!

Hey, what are you waiting for? Your whole opportunities are ahead, stop dreaming and chase it. A low-cost business and small too, hope this helps! Stay blessed.

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