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Small and Good Business

“I want to spoil my family on Christmas, but I don’t have any money. I want to start a business but it’s so hard and it also needs a lot of money.” – Most of teenagers. Wow, chill. Now a day, it is not so hard to start a new business. Considering most of people… Read More »

Failed Business, Why?

Business failure is a common problem in business world. When you failed your business, there could be many and many various reasons behind it. There is the one that noticeable, and the other one, you might didn’t notice it. Here’s a list for the reasons behind it! First, you start your business for the wrong… Read More »

Business Intelligence Software Comparison

Business intelligence software helps companies to have a helicopter view and perspective on their business operations. Business intelligence encompasses the process of transforming any internal and external unstructured data into specific datasets and presenting that data into graphs and tables that giving valuable insight to the companies. Currently we can find more than hundred BI around… Read More »