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5 Things In Marketing Strategy

These are the important elements you should consider to create an effective market strategy. 1. Packaging How well your product or service is presented will determine the initial consumer acceptance or rejection. Packaging does more than protect your product from damage, it expresses a strategy. It tells the features, advantages, and benefits of the product.… Read More »

KISS AIDA To Advertise Your Business

Besides keep producing great value to customers, you should make an attractive promotion to grab customer’s attention, especially when you launch a new product. No attention means no transaction. Making a simple but strong advertising copy is not as complicated as you think, just remember these 2 acronyms: KISS and AIDA. KISS It stands for… Read More »

WOW Word of Mouth Marketing

Forget about high-cost marketing campaign. Do marketing by word of mouth. It will be ‘low cost high impact’ effort in promoting your brand, especially if we’re talking about small business marketing strategy. In his article, Andy Sernovitz gave us 5T to formulate a successful Word of Mouth Marketing:  1. Talker Find your fans who will… Read More »