This Sliced Tomatoes Explains Us What To Do To Become An Entrepreneur

By | January 7, 2015

How do we explain what entrepreneurs exactly do in a simple parable?

Assume that you were walking on the sidewalk. Then you notice there were someone selling tomato slices, do you want to buy it even you don’t need it at the moment? No.

Then, you continued walking. A moment later, another seller offered you a slice of lettuce, are you interested to buy it? No.

And the same pattern had happened. You met seller with minced meat, after that you met someone offered you a slice of bread, and at the end, there was another person that offer you a slice of cheese. And you were still not interested in them.

Indeed, it seems difficult to be interested in some sliced tomatoes especially when you don’t know what to do with them at that time?

But if there was someone with some sliced tomatoes, a slice of lettuce, chopped onion, minced meat, slice of cheese, and put them all in between two slice of bread, then complete it with sauce and mayonnaise. He made a sandwich, served it warmed with attractive packaging. He also offered lemon tea ice as a bonus. Do you want it? I bet you will!

It is not about sandwich but how to create ‘added value’. That’s the principle of entrepreneurship. That’s what exactly entrepreneurs do. When worthless sliced tomatoes combined with other ingredients, it becomes part of a delicious product that sells.

So, what added-value are you going to create?

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One thought on “This Sliced Tomatoes Explains Us What To Do To Become An Entrepreneur

  1. Bangkit Ade Saputra

    Entrepreneur should have the innovative thinking in order to create a business opportunity in order be successful


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