Why Should Become A Specialist?

By | January 24, 2015

Tell your consumer that you’re a spesialist. Hemming Motor News is motor specialist magazine sold 265.000 copies a month. Its gross income reached 20 million dollars a year. One edition has 800 pages with 20.000 advertisements that offer everything, start from wheel bearing set for Model T Ford (priced $55) until roadster by Rolls-Royce Harley priced $650.000. Most of the magazines contain small-sized ads printed black and white that can be paid with cheque and credit card.

Martin Baker Aircraft Company is a manufacturer spesialist in ejection seat for military jets. It supplies almost all existing military jet aircraft around the world. The high-technology ejection seats produced by Martin Baker will throw┬áthe person out of the plane when critical condition happens. The price of one seat reaches $150.000 and Martin Baker has been producing more than 70.000 seats so far. Those seats is known as Martin Baker’s seats.

Gillette is a specialist company in razor blades, with high quality and premium price. The company has assets valued 8 billion dollars and taking 60% of global market share in its industry. Thought Gillette has other products such as Duracell for battery, Braun for home appliances, and Oral-B for dental care, its specialization is razor blades.


Subaru, car manufacturer from Japan is a specialist in all-wheel drive. They focuses on this expertise and commits to sell only all-wheel drive in order to make a differentiation with Toyota and Honda. Subaru proudly announced that their company doesn’t produce a car, but a ‘four-wheel drive’ vehicle. It restores them from declined sales and ultimately saved from bankruptcy.

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