WOW Word of Mouth Marketing

By | January 9, 2015

Forget about high-cost marketing campaign. Do marketing by word of mouth. It will be ‘low cost high impact’ effort in promoting your brand, especially if we’re talking about small business marketing strategy.

In his article, Andy Sernovitz gave us 5T to formulate a successful Word of Mouth Marketing:

 1. Talker

Find your fans who will talk and recommend your brand with pleasure to others. They can be a customer, distributor, reseller, blogger, community, etc.

 2. Topic

Create the topics you are going to deliver. The topics should be unique, interesting, and worth to be talked about. Humor, fun fact, or release discounts, lauch competition with prizes, etc could be effective to grab their attention. The last but not least, do not underestimate the power of story telling.

 3. Tools

Select the media to spread your topics. Of course it should be proper with market habits. We must understand how they communicate and which media they use to connect with their family, friends, communities, etc. Nowadays, social media campaign is one of the most effective strategy for spreading information quickly and targeted.

 4. Take a Part

Involve yourself in their conversations so that you can improve the engagement with your market, you could also control the flow of information directly.

5. Track

Lastly, analyze whether you were doing it right. Does Talker do their job properly? Are the topics relevant and liked by the audience? Are selected tools effective?

Maybe you’ll think that Word of Mouth Marketing looks interesting. But remember, make sure that you always give your best to the market, both in terms of product quality and service. Once you aren’t careful (of course we hope not), they will be disappointed with your products and maybe, they’ll share it too!

It’s not a good news. So, you have to stay focused on both content and context.

WOW word of mouth is the King, while product/service  quality is the Queen.


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